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First ever video ads

I am quite proud to share and present with you guys my first ever created video ads for my YT channel!

It is such an amazing feeling to achieve my goals, as a blogger-vlogger, one by one.

Here’s the video

Post parting words

It is true that if we are determined to do something, you’ll do it no matter how hard you find the time, the effort, the resources for it. Step by step, bit by bit you do it and eventually, you will accomplish them and become successful. Just keep going and never stop. That’s the key thing I want to share here.

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10 Key Takeaway Traits From Your Bestfriend Dog

They say that a dog is a man’s bestfriend. Do you know that your dog bestfriend teaches you many valuable lessons in life that you can learn from?

Sharing with you guys my latest vlog on the valuable lessons we can takeaway from our bestfriend dogs.

Facebook Post: 10 Key Takeaway Traits From Your Bestfriend Dog
Youtube Vlog: 10 Key Takeaway Traits From Your Bestfriend Dog

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For me, I think it is not only dogs who can learn from us, humans, but we can absolutely learn from them as well by watching and observing these good traits.

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20 Positive Things To Look Forward To Year 2021

Since it is less than a 100 days now before the year 2020 ends, and as we look forward to year 2021, I’d like to share my latest vlog regarding the 20 positive things or events that we can look forward to 2021. We pray and hope that things will be better when the new year comes. Let’s stay positive in life and always be optimistic for our future.

Youtube: 20 Positive Things Or Events To Look Forward To Year 2021
Facebook: 20 Positive Things Or Events To Look Forward To Year 2021

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Humans can also learn life lessons from other creatures

Last night, I have captured a video of a home lizard that seems like he’s very tired from his day, but he’s still very persistent to hold on to the wall and tries get back up.

Home lizard at home being persistent hold and get back up

As watch the lizard crawls in the wall, I kind of make a self reflection of it that, this lizard somehow teaches or reminds me to stay persistent, even at the lowest feeling or tiredness I feel, I got to continue and do what i need to do to accomplish whatever my task at hand.

My greatest takeaway in this

Sometimes, it’s the littlest things such as this, that can show us the lessons in life that we can reflect on. Because from them, we can definitely learn as well.

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Thanks for reading my short post about my captured moment from our home lizard 🙂 and the lessons that I thought about it.