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10 Key Takeaway Traits From Your Bestfriend Dog

They say that a dog is a man’s bestfriend. Do you know that your dog bestfriend teaches you many valuable lessons in life that you can learn from?

Sharing with you guys my latest vlog on the valuable lessons we can takeaway from our bestfriend dogs.

Facebook Post: 10 Key Takeaway Traits From Your Bestfriend Dog
Youtube Vlog: 10 Key Takeaway Traits From Your Bestfriend Dog

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For me, I think it is not only dogs who can learn from us, humans, but we can absolutely learn from them as well by watching and observing these good traits.

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Blog vs. Vlog | Which is better?

Today, I thought of an article wherein I want to make a short comparison of Blog versus Vlog. Which is the better platform for the people. Let’s try to differentiate it first.


What is Blog?

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A shortened version of the term “weblog”, is an online journal or content sharing of a person’s experiences, observation, opinions, etc., usually in the form of text, images and links to other weblogs.

What is Vlog?

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Similarly with Blog, this is also an online journal or content sharing but this is in the form a personal website or social media account where a person regularly posts short videos.


Which is better between Blog and Vlog?

This question doesn’t really have a concrete answer because it will always depends on the person you will ask. It is like asking which is a better sport, basketball or football?, boxing or mixed martial arts? Basically, the answer with these questions will vary to every person. But if you will ask me, obviously my answer would weigh more for Blog. Although I will be expounding my answer and try to balance it.

To be quite honest, I am a very visual person and I spend more time watching stuff on Youtube and Netflix rather than reading. But if a question pops up in my mind (btw happens to me all the time), or I am curious about something, I would always go in the google and search for that stuff and read. Most of the time, I found my answers to my questions on the blogs I come across as I searched rather than going to youtube and search for the answers. So for these reasons aside from being a Blogger myself, Blog still weighs more for me as I get specific answers to my specific questions/curiosity. Again, it will still be different for others indeed.

Another But.., entertainment-wise, it will be Vlog that weighs more for me. So to conclude my personal opinion or view on this, Blog and Vlog does have their own offering and strength that it can’t be compared with each other. It is like comparing Jordan and Lebron actually, as they have a different skillset and generation. Having Michael Jordan (for Blog) and Lebron James (for Vlog), so I leave it to you with that πŸ˜€

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Thanks for reading my blog post about blog and vlog, lol. crazy topic right? but all fun and good comparison anyway. I hope you can also checkout my other blog posts on various categories I also cover.

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My process on creating a blog content: Just write whatever idea you think and comes in your mind just like making a sketch when you draw

Hi Frolks, i mean friends and frolks! I hope you are having a great sunday. I just want to share my thoughts and to provide some tips for you in creating a blog content, if you are a newbie blogger like me πŸ™‚

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For me, creating a blog content is a process. Oftentimes, I couldn’t not finish one post topic without having a thought of another one. So here’s my process:

The (My personal) process

  • Whenever an idea pops up or comes accross your mind, write it up directly as draft. It is always gives a positive force if you do it directly and setup a schedule for that post. That way, you are kind of driven to get back to that draft and finish your post rather than taking notes outside like physically. But yeah, it depends on the person but this works for me. e.g. of my created drafts:
My blog content ideas put directly on WordPress posts draft
  • As already mentioned earlier, when I put my blog topic ideas into draft, I also make sure to add a schedule to it to be posted. This way, it will help me to continue to complete the write up and finish my post before its schedule to be posted.
  • One of the most useful technique for me in creating a blog content is, to be aware on what is basically happening around you. Look at the news, the current and past events, think of the past happenings in your life, the takeaway lessons in it and lastly, think of the future, how I should prepare on it and imagine how it will look like. Basically, anything that you can think of that gives you interest, take note of it as a post heading on the draft, and do not let your idea get passed or left behind without noting it.

Post parting words

Sometimes, whenever I think of a blog content idea, there are times that I thought of it as insignifacant and may not be a valuable post to share. Some of you might experience this, but whenever this happens to me, I always tell myself that “It may not be valuable to read for most people, but there will be some in the future that will come across to my blog that can relate, appreciate and learn something to that post. That will be enough for me to continue with it and finish my post idea.”

Thanks for reading my post if you come across to this by chance and somehow did learn something from it. Hopefully. Ciao ☺️

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Reaching a milestone of 100 post likes. A thank you short blog post

Today, I’ve just reached a 100 post likes in my WordPress blog, and I usually celebrate every milestones as a blogger and telling my appreciation about it.

This achievement maybe not that significant for others, but for me it means a lot as a new blogger. Again, many thanks for the people who followed, visited and read my blogs. I will keep on sharing good stuff here as much as can given I also have a full time work.

A bit of a lesson also I want to share here with you. This is an example of me showing appreciation to the smallest of things that I received in my life. Having that attitude, I believe will help us become humble and keep striving in life. For me, it is an important force I do religiously so I can keep my feet on the ground. I think if that is lost, you will become arrogant and that can be a factor that can hinder your goals.

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Again, thanks for your support to my blog. I will keep making more πŸ™‚

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Shout out to all my blog followers! Just showing my appreciation

In my almost 3 months of blogging, as a blogger having followers on your blog is such a great feeling because, that means they take some time to read your post/s and is interested to read more on your future contents. It’s also a gauge to know you are on the right path as a blogger since somebody appreciates your content.

Thank you!

Thank you! only two words, but means a lot.

Shout out to them and if you are a new reader/follower of my blog, come check their blog here in WordPress as well as I am sure they have their unique/informative/entertaining content that you might get interested and be useful for you:




































My Blog followers

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In this life, it’s true that we can’t be successful alone, we always need someone or a group of people to help us become successful. It’s also the same for blogging industry, we need people like our readers/followers to become successful in what we are trying to achieve. For that, we should always be thankful to those people. That is what my parents taught me growing up.

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Finally, I am seeing some revenue tractions to my blog using WordAds


Hello there. I am writing up this post as I want to share some exciting news, for me at least πŸ™‚ But honestly, I’ve been waiting to see some movements on the revenue side of my blog using WordAds. You may find it really insignificant or over reaction from me but this is really a milestone for my blog (considering I’ve only started my blog last may and running it for about 2 months) and I am very happy with it.

So to quickly jump on it, here’s my revenue stats last week (June month-end):

WordAds revenue for the last week of June 2020

So if you noticed, for 200 ADS Served for that week I’ve gotten an Average CPM of $0.05 which gives a Revenue of $0.01 – this is not really bad at all as I’ve seen with other related articles reports about WordAds.


Also, I have another one for this first week of July:

WordAds revenue for the first week of July 2020

This week first of July, I was able to get 78 ADS Served and gotten an Average CPM of $0.13 which again gives me a Revenue of $0.01 – which again, I think not bad.

I don’t really have much idea and explanations why I got this numbers actually, but I think based on the things I’ve read online and also when I have contacted WordPress support, the revenue of WordAds varies and depends on a lot of factors including the site’s visits region/country (i guess this also depends on the content also you have on your blog), the amount of traffic you get, number of blog posts, etc.

One thing that I can also share that supports this revenue data is that I get my second most visitors to United States (US) that could be a huge factor to get a high cpm rate or revenue. Here’s my current list of visitors’ region/country:

Another information I want to share that adds up to this:

  • Currently, I have 30 posts on my blog site
  • I have WordPress reader 29 followers
  • I have a Twitter and LinkedIn connected to my blog (but no Facebook anymore as my site got blocked by it, sadly)
  • No email subscribers yet (can you be my first one?)

Post parting words

Overall, I am very happy to where my blog site right now and I very much looking forward for it to progress more and become more visible across the google search, social media, etc.

I hope this post also shed some light if you are a novice blogger who puts ads on your blog (WordAds specifically) and can take in important factors that will also help you on your blog get some traction as well.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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An open letter to my fellow bloggers, of all types


I am writing this blog to make a humble appeal to all millions of bloggers out there, for sure. There are different types of blogger, your blog may be about travel, lifestyle, music, sports, food and lot more actually. Some of you are already have a community, with thousands to millions of followers. But many of the bloggers (majority actually) doesn’t have a lot of followers or readers. For me, although a blogger’s success doesn’t really define how many follows or reads your posts, it is how you build up/collect your stories, experiences and ideas, put it all together just like a book that you can treasure. But the reality is many of us, wants our book to share by having it in the public library so others can read it and learn from it. Problem is your book is one of the millions of books in the library and there are related books from yours that are popular already and only a few can get yours and just take a glance.

My humble suggestion, support your co-blogger in anyway you can

As blogger, you come across to many blog site’s for sure. Most of you come across with, I am pretty sure, most of them, you just leave and go on. It is understandable because you don’t want to waste time as you look for something near to exact topic you want to get or read. But I think, there are little to many ways you can credit and support the blog site you come by with:

  • Like the article, even if you didn’t get anything you are looking for from it. There’s no harm of any kind if you do that and no time is wasted for just tapping the like button. The impression it will make to the liked article/posts is somewhat huge and will be appreciated by the blogger, for sure.
  • If you, in anyway, really liked the article you’ve read, learned something from it, you should follow or email subscribe to the blogger. There will be many of those articles in future that you may get interested and its a way for them to notify you about it.
  • Share the article/post if you have learned something from it. There are many ways to share this, either via your social media platforms or make a referral to your own blog post by adding the link in there and make short mention to the blogger and its related article.
  • Lastly, if you find your blog is similar to the blog you came across with but offering a different taste or maybe a broader topic, you can make a collaboration to the blogger. Get the email address of the blogger (usually in the about section) and drop an email about it. Can share your ideas or whatever, with the goal to just help each other out to become a better blogger.

My logic in this is that, if all of us will help each other out, even in the smallest ways, you can make your co-blogger, inch by inch reach his/her goals as a blogger, become successful eventually. How it feels great to be able to help, right?

Post parting words

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope this would be helpful and informative for you. If you are a new blogger, drop me a message and share your content. I’ll make sure to make sometime to check your content about and make a support, for sure. If you are already a successful blogger, would you mind supporting my blog? I would really appreciate it. Please let me know what you think by commenting on this post.

Thanks in advance.

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How to create WordPress blog for free. A quick, 3 minute step by step video


In this blog, I wanted to share with you how I’ve created my first WordPress blog for free. Basically, if you are interested in making a personal blog and you have no idea yet how to do it and you want to have it for free, then WordPress is one of the best options for you.

I made a quick, 3 minute video how to do it to start off you blog:

A quick step by step tutorial on creating your first WordPress blog for free

If you can’t view above video, I’ve uploaded it in my Youtube channel where you can also find my other tutorials about the basic stuffs. Here’s the Youtube video:

The tutorial is very easy to follow for those who doesn’t have any idea yet how to kick off your first blog. Note that it only covers the whole blog creation on WordPress only. For understanding the WordPress control panel, start to create your blog content and publishing of it – I’ll be covering that on my next video soon..

Post parting words

It’s great to share stuff mostly the basics because it is the foundation of your knowledge on something you want to learn. My key take away from this is you need to master the basics first so once you get to more complicated stuff, it will be much less harder.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you learn something from it. Please like, follow my page and subscribe to my youtube channel. I would really appreciate that if you do πŸ™‚

Thanks in advance.