Untapped Topics

In this category, I’ll be sharing some unique, interesting, mind boggling and have never discussed topics on the entire website universe, hopefully… 😉

But really, just want to tackle some of my unique ideas and probably you might get interested from reading, responding, and worth sharing.

Untapped Topics

Key Foundation and Basic Building Blocks of a Happy Life

How are you guys doing? I Hope you are all doing okay. I would like to share with you my latest video blog about the 3 key foundation and basic building blocks of a happy life, plus a bonus one 😊 Post parting words I really believe that it’s really important that we can get […]

First ever video ads

I am quite proud to share and present with you guys my first ever created video ads for my YT channel! It is such an amazing feeling to achieve my goals, as a blogger-vlogger, one by one. Here’s the video Post parting words It is true that if we are determined to do something, you’ll […]

10 Key Takeaway Traits From Your Bestfriend Dog

They say that a dog is a man’s bestfriend. Do you know that your dog bestfriend teaches you many valuable lessons in life that you can learn from? Sharing with you guys my latest vlog on the valuable lessons we can takeaway from our bestfriend dogs. Post parting words For me, I think it is […]


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