Writing this very first Untapped Topic I thought would be interesting to ask you guys or answer on my end. Question is, what do you think you can do or have done that surely you hold the best record for Guinness Book of World Records?

Well, honestly, I’ve thought of this a lot and it’s really hard to think what is the unique things that I can or I have done so far that I am pretty sure I will have an edge to others, in the entire world.

So to answer: I have the best record of most number of washed feeding bottles with nipples and cap of my children from all the Fathers out there, in their entire Fatherhood. Mind blown? Haha.

To support my claim on this record, I’ll make a summary outline of it below:

  • When my wife and I had our first born, we’ve agreed on some household chores for which ones we are comfortable to do the most. So in short, I’ve chosen this chore.
  • We had our first born child in 2016, and had my second one in 2018, a total of 2 children.
  • They’ve both usually use 7 feeding items each on a daily basis.
  • To compute these:

First child (4 years old × 365 days × 7 = 10,220) +

Second child (2 years old × 365 days × 7 = 5,110)

Approximately, 15,330 in running total of washed feeding items in my whole fatherhood. Again, mind blown haha.


Well, I do believe that I really hold the Guinness world title for this specific category 😅 of course unless, some father out there can get this virtual record from me by trying to reclaim it here and provide their record that beats mine, haha.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading this first untapped topic post where I will be thinking unique topics that I guess and hoped have never been tackled anywhere, anyhow. Feel free to read my other blog catergories’ post to find informative topics that might be useful or something to reflect on for you.

Thanks in advance.

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